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Bed Bug Extermination Oshawa

Are you facing a bed bug outbreak inside your property? If yes, we can completely understand how much frustrated you are right now due to these irritating pests. Bed bugs are really cruel and weird insects that feed on the blood of their human host whose home they have infested. Their bites are extremely itchy and can result in rashes at the place of bites.

At 911 Bed Bugs, we are your local bed bug exterminators in Oshawa who are committed to provide instant and long term relief from these nuisance blood suckers. We have years of experience in dealing with bed bug infestations. Using heat treatments and environment friendly methods, we exterminate or eliminate these unwanted insects away from your premises.

Are There Bugs Inside Your Home?

Though bed bugs are tiny pests that are hardly visible to the naked eyes, their infestation can be easily identified due to the several signs they exhibit. If you are usually having restless nights and wake up with rashes and bite marks, then it’s a sure sign there are bugs inside your home. Some other signs are:

  • Brown colored dried blood stains on the bed sheets or pillowcases.
  • Pungent and weird odor inside the room due to the scent gland of bugs.
  • Tiny sized droppings of bed bugs found on the mattress, clothes & bed.
  • Skin shedding or egg cases of the bed bug larva in the wall crevices.

Effective & Reliable Bed Bug Control

911 Bed Bugs is a trusted bed bug control company in Oshawa that is proudly delivering high quality bug elimination services in Pickering, Ajax & Whitby, Ontario. Since these pests are harmful to humans, its important to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Only bed bug control experts in Oshawa can offer effective, affordable, reliable and long-term bug extermination services. We are a team of licensed and insured professionals who strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations.

What Makes Us Unique?

Being a locally owned and operated bed bug removal service provider in Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax & Whitby, we are serving both residential and commercial clients with eco-friendly solutions. We utilize the latest treatments, techniques, tools and equipment to make sure every single bed bug is killed right away. Some of our features are:

  • Affordable and upfront pricing.
  • Regular follow up treatments.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Team of licensed exterminators.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Humane & eco-friendly control.
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