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Bed Bug Extermination Kitchener

Bed bugs in Kitchener, Waterloo & Guelph can be a real annoyance to both residential and commercial properties. Eliminating these blood-sucking pests (including eggs, and adults) takes more than chemical sprays. At 911 Bed Bugs, we provide bed bug elimination services to help homes and businesses get rid of bedbugs once and for all.

911 Bed Bugs offers effective and rapid bed bug treatment services. You can rest assured that you don’t have to waste your time and spend a fortune on our services. We use innovative thermal heat remediation treatments to completely get rid of bed bug infestations. Our experienced exterminators get to the bottom of the problem and use treatments that will keep these pests from coming back. You’ll be able to sleep soundly once again.

If you are unsure whether you have bed bugs in your property, we can help you find out with our inspection services.

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Our Solution

Thermal Heat Remediation treatments have been proven to successfully eliminate annoying bed bugs in Kitchener at every stage from egg to adult. Thermal remediation is an environmentally friendly solution for the fight against bedbugs without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides. This service for eliminating bedbugs in homes and offices can be completed in one day, versus the chemical treatment which often requires the “tenting” of one’s property. There is no need to remove furniture and other items with our heat treatment process.

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  • Free Consultation for all Bed Bug Extermination Services
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  • Same-day Services Available
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Treatments are Safe for Children & Pets
  • Kitchener’s trusted Bed Bugs Control Firm
  • Successful, Proven, Guaranteed Results
  • All Exterminators Approved through an Extensive Qualification Process
  • Focused on 100% Bed Bug Elimination

Bed Bug Dogs in Kitchener, Waterloo & Guelph

Bed Bug Dogs in Kitchener

Whether it is mold, bed bugs or drugs, sniffing dogs have successfully helped humans in various scenarios. Due to their high sniffing sense, they can easily detect small eggs and large bed bugs even in remote locations in your house. They can detect scents even in rains, snow or even hot humid weather.

Using specially trained dogs, they can help find bed bug infestation in residential communities, commercial buildings, homes, hotel rooms and practically everywhere. Our pest exterminators make use of special dogs that can help prevent a small infestation into a serious problem.

High Success Rate with Sniffer Dogs

Many people may be skeptical about use of dogs in pest extermination industry. But heir success rate if much higher than human visual inspection. In case of large infestation, dogs can know their sense the moment they enter the room. Bugs may be excellent in hiding but dogs are great at sensing their presence. No matter how much the camouflage themselves, bed bugs are caught due to their pungent smell.

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