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Bed Bug Extermination Haldimand

Are you facing a bed bug outbreak in your home? If yes, we can understand the discomfort and frustration you are feeling right now. These tiny pests are called blood suckers and are responsible for causing visible rashes and itches with painless bites. Their small size makes them rarely visible to the naked eye.

At 911 Bed Bugs, we are a leading pest control company offering a long lasting and effective bed bug extermination in Haldimand and surroundings. We have a team of licensed professionals who hold years of expertize in dealing with the pesky pest population in your residential and commercial premises. Over the years, we have managed to earn an industry reputation by utilizing safe and eco-friendly products. We serve the areas of Haldimand, Dunnville, Cayuga, Jarvis, Hagersville and Caledonia.

Techniques & Procedures We Follow

Being your local bed bug control experts, we are fully equipped with the high quality products and sprays to find, locate and kill these unwanted pests in your bedding and mattresses. With the continuous use of pesticides, bed bug population has become resistant to various control methods to some extent. To ensure long-term treatments and effects, we utilize the latest techniques including:

  • Thermal Heat Remediation
  • Chamber Heat Treatment
  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring
  • Dry Steam & Vacuum Treatment

What Makes Us The Right Choice?

At 911 Bed Bugs, nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction. We know how difficult it is to live in a place invaded by hundreds of bed bugs. This is the reason why we are available all around the year to provide emergency bed bug control in Haldimand, Dunnville, Cayuga, Jarvis, Hagersville and Caledonia. With licensed pest exterminators by our side, you can rest assured as we can easily eliminate even a severe bed bug infestation in no time. Some reasons to choose us include:

  • We carry out a thorough inspection of your property.
  • We utilize heat treatment to achieve satisfied results.
  • Our eco-friendly products are safe for family & pets.
  • We offer free estimates about the treatment plan.
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