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DIY Bed Bug Treatment: Myths Busted

Bed bugs are a nuisance for any business or homeowner alike because the tiny pests feed on human blood. These blood-sucking pests drive all around in your home, be it is your bed, carpet, curtains, clothes, furniture mattress, electrical boards or almost anywhere. Some people use DIY […]

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The Truth About Bed Bugs

There’s no denying the fact that bed bugs are the most annoying pests. They are almost everywhere, inside your house, in your bed, on the floor and couch; just everywhere. Bed bugs feed on human blood and living with them can cause health complications. When you’re sleep […]

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Basic Approaches To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In An Apartment

Bed bugs treatment is particularly a challenging task as these tiny pests can quickly spread in adjacent apartments including below and above of the infested unit. Due to this reason, the pest extermination process needs coordination among tenants. Some people who afraid to publicly mention the bed […]

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